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Isaiah 1:17 - Learn to do right! Seek justice, relieve the oppressed, and correct the oppressor. Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.


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June 14, 2011


Dear Rev. Dianne,


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you are doing well over there together with your friends. Please pass my and the children's greetings to all. They are doing well and have sent their greetings, love, and big hugs to you.


I am always keeping you in my prayers and I really feel blessed to write to you. I thank you so much for your much love and prayers to your family here in Kisii. I thank God who has given you the ability to help your family here in Kisii and more so I pray God to release more funds to you so that they can help your family. The hope of these children is to us and we always pray for God's provision to them. I also pray God to touch many souls over there to help you in supporting these children.


I will always let you know how your family is doing. They will also be happy to hear from you always. They are really comfortable and happy that they have a loving mother in their life and I always pray God to help you in all ways.


Blessings and love,

Pastor Opingo



When I started to make a group of members whom we were meeting with them for every Sunday to share the word of God, we had also children who were joining us. Most of these children were orphans, my heart was always to the orphans’ heart, and I had compassion to the needy children.


I prayed to God to show me on how these orphans to be helped. I started with 12 orphans whom I placed to my home. As time went by, I met with other children on the way asking me for help and when I tried to ask them what was happening to them, their response was that they had no parents and they had nothing to eat. I was so much moved by the way they were living. I really took them home. So this number increased to 20 orphans.


When I started to know why these children had no parents I got that most of these parents died of HIV/AIDS which left many children to be homeless.


God bless you so much Rev. Dianne for your good support which enables them to get food. I really assure you that without your support they will miss food, so you are helping them so greatly. I pray God to continue to help you as you look for more ways to support them.






God is really giving the orphans good health and they are living a Christian life where they are taught the word of God. There are 20 orphans living together with me in my home. They are living in a small house which is divided into 2 rooms. 1 room for boys and the other room for girls. Each room has 3 beds and each bed has 1 blanket for the orphans to cover themselves. On the beds, there are mats, which the children are using to sleep on instead of mattresses. These beds and blankets are not enough for all these orphans, so 3 children share 1 bed and the blanket. 18 orphans are using the 6 beds and the other 2 orphans sleep down on the mat.






To get water the children have to walk a distance of 1km, so the children have to look for water every day to bath themselves, to use in washing their clothes, for cooking and for drinking. We are praying we can get funds to dig a WELL where we can get water from to use in bathing and washing clothes.

 God bless you so much Rev. Dianne for the work you are doing in looking for ways to help your family here in Kisii. We pray God to help you and release enough funds to you to help your family's needs.






We try to see that the orphans are fed every day. We work in our small land, which enables us to give them some food to eat. Because we do not have enough food for them, they can only take one meal per day and sometimes they have a day without taking food.

 For one orphan to take 3 meals per day the cost has risen to $2 USD. For 20 orphans it costs $40 USD per day. However, with some food coming from the land we can feed the children 3 meals a day for one month for approximately $950 USD.



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