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This is a Letter we received from Pastor Opingo of Kisii-Kenya who takes care of a group of orphans that we help financially.  He sent pictures and they are up as well.  If you feel led to help please contact us or you may donate through our paypal account. We had to share with you!!!!!!


Dear Pastor Dianne


Praise the name of Jesus our Savior and Lord!!!

He is Risen! And because He lives so do we!


The orphans were so much happy to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. They all assembled with other children in church to see the video of the Life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

They all send you greetings of love and are so much happy for your prayers and love you have to them.


I am always keeping you in my prayers for the work you are doing in looking for funds for food and school for the orphans. I really hope that God will open a way for you to receive enough funds for the needs for your family here in Kisii-Kenya.


I assure you that God will uplift your family through the support that you are sending and I really pray that you come here next year and see them. They will be happy to see you and to share with you the Love they have to you.


I pray for you as you look for friends to help you in supporting this work here in Kisii. I will send you pictures of this Easter.


God bless you and hope to read from you soon.


Blessings and love.


Pastor Opingo.


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